4 April 2019, Thursday

Kodiyeri Balakrishnan - Sure of a defeat, Oommen Chandy is testing the memory of the people

A strong anti-incumbency wave is rising against the UDF Government in the upcoming Kerala Assembly elections. It is due to this wave that all the pre-poll surveys project a massive victory for the Left Democratic Front. In this scenario, the UDF under the leadership of Oommen Chandy is allying with the BJP to try and upset the people's verdict.

This is why they are making up stories of CPI(M) having ties with the erstwhile Jan Sangh. In 1975, a big protest movement started against the anti-democratic Emergency imposed by the Indira Gandhi government. The CPI(M) was part of the struggles to defend democracy along with the Janata Party led by Jayaprakash Narayan. It was following this struggle that the Emergency was lifted and the Congress was defeated.

Only after the lifting of emergency did some Congress leaders including Oommen Chandy come out openly against it. This led to a national-level split within the Congress. One of these groups became part of the Left Democratic Front in 1980. No one can deny the fact that Oommen Chandy was also part of this group. Forgetting these realities, Oommen Chandy is now trying to test the memory of the people.

In the 1978 elections in Thalassery, the CPI(M) had clearly said that it does not want any RSS votes. Oommen Chandy should also remember that our Party scored a big win in that election.

The tradition of making overt and covert alliances with the BJP belongs to Oommen Chandy's party and political coalition. In the 1991 Parliament elections, the UDF and BJP had a common candidate in the Vadakara constituency. The story was similar in the Beypore constituency too. These common candidates were those having RSS connections. This alliance, which later gained notoriety under the name 'Co-Lea-B' (Congress-League-BJP), was trying to get BJP to open its account in Kerala.

It is due to the strong secular stand taken by the Left that the BJP has been unable to open its account in Kerala. It is not because of any greatness of the UDF. K.G.Marar, the BJP leader of those days, has in his autobiography written that the UDF got BJP's votes in more than 50 constituencies, which led to its coming to power. These are part of the historical record.

The current Oommen Chandy government has withdrawn cases against Hindutva leaders including Praveen Togadia. This government has refused to file any case against attempts to divide the people in the name of 'Ghar Wapsi'. It was the Left which thwarted the BJP's attempt to capture power in the local bodies by tying up with various organisations. The Left was again in the forefront to defend our minorities, democratic minded people and our Universities when they came under violent communal attack. Eighteen Left activists have fallen victim to RSS attacks during the tenure of the Chandy Government.

The Left is struggling for secularism by strongly opposing the BJP's politics. The strong left wave sweeping the state currently is reflective of the people's endorsement of our stand. Oommen Chandy's fake stories cannot withstand this wave!