19 March 2019, Tuesday

Pinarayi Vijayan - On RSS leader shouting "Go to Pakistan" at DYFI leader

During the Reporter TV's election debate programme in Kozhikode, an RSS member assaulted DYFI Central Committee member P.A. Mohamed Riyas and shouted at him "Go to Pakistan". There was also an attempt to assault the anchor of the programme.

This intolerance and communal behaviour are similar to the model adopted by the RSS in its strongholds in North India. The people of Kerala have opposed and defeated such moves whenever they were attempted here. Every secular-minded Keralite should come forward to fight at all costs this Sangh Parivar project to import the model it has adopted in North India to Kerala.

The RSS member got offended at the mention of the unholy alliance between the Congress, Muslim League and the BJP in 1991. In this election, news of such adjustments in some constituencies have now come out.

Attacks against against progressive organisations seek to hide the unholy alliance between the Sangh Parivar and Congress. When left activists speak out about this, the Sangh Parivar tries to send them out of this country. If the RSS is harbouring any dream of weakening the secular populace of Kerala by such attacks, it is due to their lack of knowledge about Kerala's great renaissance movements.

The Police should have filed a suo motu case as this incident happened in full public view. They should now take strong action against the accused, based on the complaint filed by Mohamed Riyas.