19 April 2019, Friday

The King shall steal, the subjects shall not!

Reading the UDF’s promises in their manifesto, the people of Kerala are laughing their hearts out and banging their heads against the wall.

Sample this.  

One of the promises is to summarily put an end to corruption in government services. It is interesting that this is being said by a gang of highway robbers, immersed head to toe in corruption.

But, it is possible that this could be true in a sense. There wouldn’t be much left for the smaller thieves in the bureaucracy to steal from, once the Chief Minister and his ministers are done with their quota of looting.

What they have meant could be, “we shall steal, you shall not.’

This tall talk on ending corruption is made by those who decided to hold a cabinet meeting exclusively to steal outright*, foreseeing that they won’t be returning to form another government.

(* A number of outrageous decisions were taken by the UDF government in the last few weeks, granting huge amounts of land to various crony capitalists and well-known fraudsters. Many of those decisions had to be withdrawn following a state-wide outcry.)