13 April 2019, Saturday

Oommen Chandy has got only questions, and no answers! - VS Achuthanandan

I had posed a few questions to Oommen Chandy in my post titled "Oommen Chandy's Backfoot Salute". One of those questions was on why he had tried to sell off the Infopark [an IT park in Kochi] which provided 28,000 jobs to the Smart City at a paltry price. Another one was on the betrayal of the people whereby the Smart city was converted into a "real estate city".

Oommen Chandy had no answers to these questions. The reasons for this are easy to understand. For the Oommen Chandy government, IT means "International Thattipp" (International Fraud). Oommen Chandy's IT development is being carried out in fake swami Santhosh Madhavan's land*.

I had, through another post, replied point by point to the political questions that Chandy had asked me. I had asked a few questions too in that post.

Isn't it your claim that you had fought for Karunakaran in the legislative assembly when I brought in the Palmolein corruption allegation against him in March 1992?

Didn't you actually remain silent during that time in the Assembly?

Even after the video proofs of you, as the then Finance Minister, demanding the ouster of the Chief Minister Karunakaran in the ISRO spy case, was released, haven't you shamelessly continued demanding "proof"?

We haven't got any answers to these questions from you, yet.

Mr. Oommen Chandy, I am supposed to answer your questions, but I shouldn't expect you to answer any of my questions!

This duplicity is the soul of your politics.

I see this election as a golden opportunity to expose this duplicity of yours. The online space is also another such platform to expose you.

From the responses I have been receiving to my post, I gather that this space of protest is also turning out to be successful.

(* - In the last few weeks, the Oommen Chandy government had decided to allot huge amounts of land to crony capitalists and fraudsters. One such decision was to allot 112 acres of land to 'godman' Santhosh Madhavan.)