20 March 2019, Wednesday


The Savarkar Story: Putting The Facts Straight

V.D. Savarkar

V.D. Savarkar, the only Hindutva leader who is claimed to be a freedom fighter, had in fact repeatedly apologised to the British and offered complete cooperation with them. Here we republish a classic 2002 article by Rajendra Prasad which exposes the reality of the Savarkar story.

When the RSS Teaches Nationalism

If one were to ask what the role of the RSS was in the freedom struggle, the only name coming forth from them would be that of V.D. Savarkar. Has Savarkar played any part in the freedom struggle after the formation of the Hindu Mahasabha? The answer is undoubtedly 'No'. In Savarkar's view, the biggest enemies of the Hindus were the Muslims and the Mughals. For this reason, Savarkar allied with the British, as they had defeated their enemies, the Mughals.

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